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Anonymous said: No one cares. (4/?) / (4/4)

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Anonymous said: Person who commented on your age - this is literally the first time your shistain of a blog has popped up on my dash. In fact, it's listed right in your details. Hmm. Looks like multiple people think you belong in a diaper.

ooohhhh, “shitstain”…  *shivers*  Aren’t you just a firecracker?  And if I tell you to go fist yourself with Freddy’s glove, and then you tell me that I’m immature again, is that like, sex or something?  Is this foreplay?  

damn though, you’re gettin me so hot.  Come on, do it again, use your big boy words.

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Anonymous said: Hey post what you want, your fucking rules. Your opinions. Don't like a caption, delete it. Your right.

We agree, thanks anon.

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ohtantrum said: yo seriously keeping people's posts in tact 100% as you found them is the same as keeping anything else someone else made put together. you wouldn't read a book, rip 50 pages you didn't like out of it then hand it off to a friend like no big fucking deal, right? it's a shitty lame thing to do, unfair to the reader and the author. it's like that.

Well, now, wait a minute.  What book are we talking about here? I mean if it were the Bible, for instance, one could argue I’d be doing them a favor…

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ohtantrum said: no, i get that you want your blog to look a certain way and it's yours. i get it. but when i write a paper, i don't change the quotes i'm using from the book so they seem less stupid. when you take someone else's content, you can't manipulate it!! how do YOU not get THAT??

Did you just compare the removal strings of random emoji and blathering, boring, tiresome (and often as not, extremely misogynistic) captions to the neglect of proper academic citations?

Did you just do that?  That thing I just said right there ^ up above this line?

Maybe you and me can just call a truce, so that you can go and re-examine your life for a while, hmm?  It’s okay.  I’ll still be here for you to argue with whenever you get yourself straightened out.

It’s okay.  Really.  Go.  We’re all pullin for ya, little buddy.

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Anonymous said: for a 36 year old you sure act like a fucking child

Ooohhh, I remember you from the last time this came up.  Long about January, I think.  I was 35 back then, so that’s two times in a row you got that little detail right - congratulations!

Now, about the little detail where your opinion could be shoved up your ass - go ahead and work on that.

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Anonymous said: I refuse to follow anyone who has such a high, inflated ego that they believe it is ok to remove captions and then get overly defensive when challenged about it. It is a shame that it has come to this but since your retaliation has been so incredibly immature then I have no choice but to unfollow.

If I’m the one with the inflated ego, why are you the one sending me a holier than thou anon ask telling me that you had “no choice but to unfollow”, as if anyone in the world - literally any single person out of 6.5 billion, honestly gives a shit about your position regarding my position about captions?

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ohtantrum said: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT THE CAPTIONS ARE, THEY BELONG TO THE POSTER AND WHEN YOU RUN A BLOG YOU HAVE A MUTUAL RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE WHOSE WORK YOU ARE TAKING AND GAINING YOUR OWN FOLLOWERS WITH. how do you not get it??? it doesn't matter if it's stupid girlie statements, it's still THEIR post. it's not your work so you shouldn't alter it. take your own pictures and put on your own captions. oh you would but you're a big controlling jerk and you don't have your own pets DUH

I honestly don’t feel like an explanation will get through to you, so I’m not going to try.  I ask you again, please unfollow me, and take every single person who agrees with you.  I don’t want you, I don’t want them, I actually don’t want any of you at all because I run this blog for me, but whatever.  I definitely don’t care what you think about me, that I promise you.

Signed- big controlling jerk

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I asked this blog to stop deleting captions. Including one of my photos. What’s wrong with people tonight?

My stance on captions is fairly well established, and even has its own spot in my FAQ.  Not sure what your problem with my response is, but I promise you can shove it up your ass…

How about you add me and petplaypalace to your list of blogs you won’t reblog then, if you’re going to be a huge asshole about it? Yours is the only blog that continues to delete my captions/model credits, even when it says in my caption not to delete my caption. That’s pretty fucking scummy, dude. You are the ONLY person who goes out of his way to be disrespectful that I have had to deal with, and your sense of entitlement to other peoples’ content baffles me. I’d rather not have my photos circulate than have someone deliberately ignoring my easy-to-follow requests. Take your male entitlement and shove it up your own ass.

Oh go fuck yourself.  

I have not reblogged a single picture from either of those blogs in months, BECAUSE I saw the request to not delete captions which you attach to every single fucking picture. I already don’t follow either of them.  If your stuff is ending up on my blog, I’m getting it through other blogs who probably don’t like your captions either.  I’m not keeping a list and checking the source on every single picture I ever reblog, so if I find it somewhere else, sorry not sorry.

"Male entitlement".  Find a better fucking reason.  Here’s one - Not all of us find your bullshit important.  Sorry to break your special snowflake heart.

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ohtantrum said: I genuinely like this blog (and I believe I was once on it) but you need to understand that as someone whose blog consists mostly of submissions and reblogs, the caption attached to the original post is IMPORTANT. you can't pick apart posts and take what you want, its extremely disrespectful to the person or people involved in the post. captions, whether you like them or not, are there for a reason. if you can't respect other blogs then I don't want to follow you anymore. ur being really rude.

I implore you, please unfollow me.  I don’t give a shit what you, or anyone else, thinks about my stance on captions, and I certainly can’t read your assertion that all captions are “IMPORTANT” without laughing.

"4 my daddyyyyy!"

"mew >.<^#$(#&^%@^%"

"school sucked today"

"wish mistress wuz here"

I say this with all the honesty I can possibly muster, and honestly say this with no malice - if you think the above examples of excised captions are “important”, then you’re a nitwit, and if you think what came before was rude, or that this is rude, I promise you’re in for a disappointing life.

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rarikins said: Some people simply mean for their photos and words to go together. *shrug* It actually would fall to the reblogger to find out caption-keeping preferences, as the poster might not necessarily follow or know the reblogger. Your initial response and solution to remove the post entirely was absolutely appropriate, however she is still allowed to be annoyed that her post in its entirety was not preserved.

You and I disagree.

I honestly, honestly, deep down in my heart of hearts don’t give the tiniest little shit about a person’s preferences for their captions.  I really don’t.  I will respect their preference, when informed, in the manner stated in my FAQ, and below in my original response to her, but that is the beginning and end of my commitment to honor other people’s wishes on my own blog.

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Hope you enjoy, I know it’s been a while so I submitted a few… As you can see, Kitten studying hard for her exams