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Curious about petplay? LittleSkyLark gives an introduction

SkyLark’s commentary:

Short video discussing various aspects of petplay.
To narrow it down in case you couldn’t hear me or understand my bizarre British accent I’ll summarize below.

BDSM petplay - is a niche within bdsm, meaning it is a smaller fetish/community that exists and is growing in popularity. The fetish comes from being on a level below a human and treated as an animal/pet, whether it is with love and affection or discipline and training, it is degrading and yet sexually empowering to the player.
Being a human pet doesn’t mean you have to be a specific animal, some people don’t even wear ears and tails, but they still go on all fours and act as if they were pet, these are just human pets.
With that said many people do want to be a specific kind of pet/animal. The most common are the following:
Puppyplay - Pretending to be a canine, very popular with boys and the leather community, barking, lots of training etc.
kittenplay - This is what I do, pretending to be a cat. Drinking out of bowls, being incredibly lazy etc.
Ponyplay - This is for seriously committed people who buy a lot of expensive awesome gear in order to horse around (haha I made a funny!) Ponyplay includes training, cart pulling and show ponies.
- You can be any kind of animal, there is not limitation, if you want to pretend to be a lizard because it rocks your boat, go for it!
- Petplay and furries are not the same. Most pet players are not furries, there is a huge difference in communities. With that said these two things often overlap as some people participate in both communities.
Want to learn more!?
I have a website for kittenplay!
Enjoy, thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Once upon a time there was a place called Daddy’s Kennel.

Sadly this place had to close down due to circumstances not worth mentioning here.

Even more sadly, less then desirable people appear to have claimed this old place in order to trick people into helping them make a quick buck.

Fear not though, because Daddy’s Kennel is back and found a new home.

Your regular updates will resume shortly, for now its just nice to be back.

This was one of my favorite blogs back before he had to leave.  I’m glad I’ve found it again, and I can’t wait to see what he’s got once things are back up to full speed.

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text 23 Apr Queue Frozen (mostly)

Due to a few very busy weekends, the queue is dangerously low at the moment and would have died out completely overnight tonight.  I don’t have time to go farming for pics right now, so this blog will be posting once daily for the rest of the week until I get some time to spare.

Now would be a great time to Submit, or just generally call my attention to any awesomeness you may have going on!

Regular posting will resume shortly.  Til then, play well.